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Let ADC Build Your Dirt Diecast

Late Model or Modified


1. ADC can recreate an exact 1:24 or 1:64 scale replica Diecast of your race car. That your Team, Sponsors and most of all your Fan's will cherish for years to come. You can order as few as 12 1:24 or a minimum order of 36 1:64.

2. To get started, ADC requires a $75.00 art fee,  you will need to email original graphics from your Graphic Designer as well as crisp clear pictures of all sides, including front, back, roof and Decking of your race car. to help with Accuracy of overall layout.

3. Expected completion of your project is to be between 10 to 12 weeks. But could take longer based on supply and ADC ever changing workload demands.

At DirtMan Diecast, We are ready to assist you. We have provided a Detailed list of Prices per package, Standard and Extra Options. Along with what is required to make your ADC Diecast a reality.

ADC Diecast Pricing

(Due to Change without notice)

Revised May 2022

1/24 Scale

1 - 11 Cars - $85.00 Each

Plus selected extra's 

plus $75.00 Art Work Fee


12+ Cars - $80.00 Each 

Plus selected extra's

plus $75.00 Art Work Fee


Best value

12+ Cars - $80.00 Each With

12 Min 1/64 Scale at $16.00 Each

Plus selected extra's

No Art Work Fee


1:64 Scale only

1/64 Scale only - 36 min $16 Each.

Plus selected extra's

$75.00 Art Work Fee




Body Colors: Red, White, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Black
Late Model Chassis Colors: Black
Modified Chassis Colors: Black

Wheel Colors: Chrome, Black



Roof Swap: $3 per 1/24.    Deck Decals: $4 per 1/24
Florescent colors: : $6 per 1/24 scale; $2 per 1/64 scale


Chrome, Matte and Metallic: $ 3 per 1/24 scale; $ 1 per 1/64 scale
(up to 2 colors; $2 /.50 per car for second color)


ADC require a $75.00 Art Work charge to begin. (in most package plans)
Half of the order total is due at the time you approve your artwork.
Once rendering and deposit are approved and finalized,

it takes approximately 10 - 12 weeks to finish the project.

But could take longer based on supply and ADC ever changing workload.
Additional fees apply for custom painting and custom colors


Contact us

To Place Your Order, or have questions. just email us at sales@

or Message us on Facebook.

Nothing will start till Art Work Fee Is paid. 

Let ADC make you a Center Piece of memories for Years to come.

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